Why I Love Ariel In Daycare
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Why I Love Ariel In Daycare.

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I have really lucked out with the daycare I have Ariel in and she loves it.

As all mums do, I felt a little guilty sending my baby off to daycare. I actually felt a little bit of separation anxiety thinking about it. As I am a single mum and working, I don’t really have a choice, but there are also many benefits to Ariel going to daycare. A while ago, I read a thread on a social media group for mums of kids with Down Syndrome. The mums that had their kids in daycare early all had positive things to say about it. Their children advanced in their motor and social skills and were able to enter school earlier than most other kids with Down Syndrome.  Before I was single I was working on my own business so did have plans to put Ariel in daycare 2 days per week. Ariel loves other kids and since she would be an only child the social interaction would be great for her.

My reasons for loving Ariel in daycare

  1. For most mums with kids who have additional needs inclusion is a major worry. Seeing Ariel happily playing with the other kids is such a big thing for me, it brings about a certain peace.
  2. The reaction from Ariel when she firsts sees me at pick up is priceless. I have not felt truly needed and loved like this before. I can see and feel it from her and our bond has strengthened. I love her more because of this and I feel we are more connected.
  3. That fact that Ariel cried for the first few weeks was also good. The first day she didn’t and I all I could think was “she is completely unaware” and to be honest I was bit worried. The second day she was very aware. As soon as we walked in through the door she held on to me like a little Koala Bear. She cried when I left. This continued for the next few weeks but now she is settled and although initially she is a little hesitant there are no more tears. This has also given me peace of mind.
  4. The main reason is the support. SDN childcare and our wonderful OT, Heidi from Lifestart, are both are onboard with working together and helping Ariel as much as possible. This is a huge benefit. They actually both approached me separately to organise a meeting. At the meeting they went through everything that Ariel needs and worked out an action plan. SDN daycare are also buying the equipment needed to help her. BLESSED!


If you have a child with additional needs I highly recommend SDN childcare. They have centre locations all across NSW and ACT. Click for the website here



  • Christine @ Adventure, Baby!
    Posted at 22:18h, 05 June Reply

    That’s so great that they are able to give the both of you the support you need.

    • Raylene Barton
      Posted at 22:28h, 05 June Reply

      They are fabulous. So important for my peace of mind. thanks for dropping by x

  • Erika @ Ever-changing Life of a Mum
    Posted at 22:32h, 05 June Reply

    Childcare can be such a great experience for children, my girls loved it, and it sounds like you have a found a terrific centre to support both of you!

    • Raylene Barton
      Posted at 22:37h, 05 June Reply

      Yes I think it is a great experience for them and I am so grateful to have found the right one for us 🙂

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