Pretty good year......
Ariel’s World is the journey of a girl who just happens to have Down syndrome & where her namesake scented products raise money for Down Syndrome charities
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Pretty good year……

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2014 was the year of a defining moment, the birth of my daughter Ariel, who is the pivotal person that changed my life.

What some people might think is their worst nightmare has proven to be my dream come true. I see life in a way now that I have never seen before and I owe that to Ariel. I have not suddenly become perfect but I have a clear head and clear goals. I am a work in progress and I have the best teacher around.

Today is 1st Jan 2015 and  I would have written this blog whilst still in 2014 but we are on holiday in New Zealand visiting my family so I will make this short and sweet. Health and happiness really are the most important things in life. What brings you happiness may not bring another. Some people are cruel and some people are selfish and there are some really good people out there. I guess it has always been this way and maybe it always will be. You can only be responsible for yourself so in saying that here is my resolution for this coming year.

I will be the change I wish to see in this world.

Thank you all for your support in 2014 and I hope you stay with us in 2015. It promises to be magical xx


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