Our Plant Powered Diet
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Our Plant Powered Diet.

Book review – Disease-Proof Your Child. Feeding Kids Right by Joel Fuhrman MD   Total read time  approximately 3 and a half minutes 

For those of you who don’t know I am vegan for ethical reasons. To be vegan is to feel great empathy for all living things. It is strange though, to experience the reaction of others once they find out you are vegan. Eyes roll, arguments start and mockery even occurs, but the worst is when people tell me that I am depriving my child. I go to great lengths to provide superior nutrition for Ariel. I used to be a personal trainer and while I was I did a few short courses on nutrition. I am not a nutritionalist but I have a bit of knowledge. Our doctor and paediatrician also know about our plant based diet.

For just about every diet out there, there is someone with a phd to back it up, so I was pleased when I found this book written by an actual Doctor so it can put their minds at rest.


I loved this book especially since it outlines the importance of setting your child up in the early years with a nutrient rich eating plan to protect against obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. This eating plan also dramatically reduces the occurrence of ear infections, asthma and allergies. Ariel is now 14 moths old and she has not had a single bout of sickness. No runny nose and no eating problems. She absolutely loves her veggies, green smoothies, date and nut balls and basically anything else I put in front of her. We save chocolates etc for when we go out and to be honest she really hasn’t been interested in the chocolate and sugary junk. To me, while she is young enough not to be demanding unhealthy foods why would I give them to her? Yes, I am one of those mums…..

The book has a chapter for dealing with the fussiest of eaters and it also has a 7 day eating plan with recipes. All the recipes are super easy with foods available for the supermarket. For people who don’t want to be completely vegan there are tips for reducing animal products in your diet and there are actually a few recipes with animals in them. There is a great deal of science in the book which is the important part. Mostly the book reinforced what  I already know but I did actually learn a few new things.

Some interesting points I learnt from this book

  1. Human milk is designed for slow growth. Cows milk is designed for the fast growth of a calf.

  2. In babies bigness is not a criteria for health.

  3. Discard all food that has been browned and never eat bbq.

  4. Don’t coax or coerce your chid to eat. Your chid already knows how much to eat and will stop once full.

I think this is an important book for all parents to read to improve nutrition for their whole family. Are you one of those diet nazi mums? Do you have any plant based diet books to recommend?

  • Mumma Mcd
    Posted at 04:48h, 11 April Reply

    The book sounds interesting! We’re dairy-free & eat a very plant-heavy diet, but we do eat some meat.

    My sister is vegan and works in a vegan cafe – she brings us some amazing creations! It sounds like you’re providing your daughter with a great start 🙂

    • Raylene Barton
      Posted at 05:09h, 11 April Reply

      Oh, Some of the vegan cafe’s make some amazing food…. Lucky you!! These days it is pretty easy to be vegan, 10 years ago was harder. I am allergic to soy which also makes it hard. Doesn’t it make a huge difference getting rid of dairy out of the diet though? Even if I stopped being vegan and really wanted to fuck the animals up I still wouldn’t eat dairy….
      It all seems to be working as Ariel actually refused pancakes and maple syrup this morning made by her dad. My good girl…. see how long it lasts 😉

  • Christine @ Adventure, Baby!
    Posted at 07:38h, 11 April Reply

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m vegetarian, as is my 3.5 yr old. She used to be great at eating vegies etc but has gotten fussier and fussier as she’s gotten older, and now it;s a fight to get her to eat anything nutritious. Hoping she will grow out of it!

    • Raylene Barton
      Posted at 21:10h, 11 April Reply

      Yes they all seem to go through this fussy stage. There is a chapter in the book with tips on dealing with it. Hopefully she will grow out of it very soon 🙂

  • Wishing U Well
    Posted at 10:55h, 04 April Reply

    When it comes to plant power diet, some people would rather choose to skip this. But they don’t know what could these organic ingredients can do to their health. Attracting a healthy life on your plant power diet is definitely the thing for you.

  • Lisa filkin
    Posted at 06:09h, 29 January Reply

    I’m absolutely loving Rich Roll and Julie Piatt’s book “The Plantpowered Way”; great info, section about kids, and the whole book is geared up to assist the whole family.

    • Raylene Barton
      Posted at 06:15h, 29 January Reply

      Oh thank you Lisa I will check it out! X

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