Our Charities
Ariel’s World is the journey of a girl who just happens to have Down syndrome & where her namesake scented products raise money for Down Syndrome charities
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Our Charities.

Last week I made my first large charity donation through the Ariel candle. This is the first time I have organised fundraising for a charity and I feel pretty proud to have raised $3550 so far. I thought I would do a quick post to tell you about the wonderful charities we are supporting through sales of our Ariel candle.

Down Syndrome NSW

From the site : Down Syndrome NSW is a community based, not-for-profit association established by the families of people with Down syndrome in 1980.  We provide support and information to people with Down syndrome and their families, service providers and the wider community, through a range of activities that are detailed on this website.

This was my first port of call after I got home from the hospital. I sent them an email and within a few hours someone called me.  She was a  lovely lady who had a daughter with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and we had a chat about my feelings and the health of Ariel. It was very reassuring. She also organised to send me out a pack with loads of info including a beautiful book to read for the library and DVD to watch. She offered for someone to come visit us at anytime. So far I have attended the trivia night and this weekend we have Step Up for Down Syndrome charity walk. I have already met lots of amazing people and I look forward to a long term relationship with this organisation.


LifeStart Co-op Austalia

From the site: Lifestart provides early childhood intervention services to families and children living with disability and developmental delays across 7 Branches. Lifestart also provides School Aged Services through the Eastern Sydney and Inner West Branches.

Our Vision – That children with additional needs are empowered to participate meaningfully in their community.

Our Mission – Lifestart aims to provide individualised support to give children the best possible start in life.

I love lifestart! Every fortnight we have our lovely OT (occupational therapist) visit our home for around 1 hour. She watches Ariel, plays with Ariel and gives me a few tips and exercises to incorporate into our daily activities. Kind of like helping us to help ourselves. I have not been a maternal person until now so did not know a thing about babies. This has been a huge help in general. I would not be as far along if not for these visits. We also have a mothers group at Turramurra where we meet every Friday morning. It is called little vegemites named by the sister of one of the babies in the group. I am one of the “founding members” and it is really growing. We are mums with kids under 2 that have Down Syndrome or other type of developmental disability. I have made some lovely friends and look forward to Ariel growing up with the kids from this group. Lifestart also offer other case workers if needed such as speech therapists and physio’s. They offer discounted and free courses and let us use any equipment available to help us along.

Both of these organisations have really helped me get my head around everything this year. It really helps to have people there who are going through or have gone through what you are going through. It makes it all easier and gives us peace of mind.

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