February Musings......
Ariel’s World is the journey of a girl who just happens to have Down syndrome & where her namesake scented products raise money for Down Syndrome charities
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February Musings……

Estimated reading time 4 minutes aprox

February was a big month in Ariel’s world.  Ariel turned 1. We had a small party for her with family. It was a lovely day. The week of her birthday I was actually quite teary. I am not sure if I was hormonal early or if it was a reflection of the last year.  This last year has been a HUGE turning point in my life. I have changed and grown and I am definitely out of my comfort zone. Life is unpredictable and I am really just trying to focus on the moment. Trying to be a better person and loving my daughter the best way I can.


birthday collage

Reading: Disease-Proof Your Child Feeding Kids Right by Joel Fuhrman MD. Very interesting and review coming up very soon.


  • Ask Ariel where my nose is and she points to it and smiles.


  • Kisses (open mouth and sloppy… lol ),


  • Waving goodbye.


  • Pulling herself up to standing position.


  • After many months of trying to get her to clap her hands she is finally doing it. Not on command though and I am not sure she understands the word clap….


  • Can now feed herself with finger food and drink from her sippy cup unassisted.


  • Not sure if teething is a milestone in the “typical child” world but for us it is. 2 top molars and top front incisors have cut through.


Eating: Nuts. I have been making nut mylks, nut butters and nut cookies. I am blending raw nuts into just about anything these days. Ariel loves them and they are so good for her.

Hating: Ignorance. I was just at the pool with Ariel. There was a young man there swimming and her happened to have Down Syndrome. He was minding his own business enjoying his time. He used the slide and was doing big leaps into the water in the shallow end. He was making a splash each time as they were kind of belly flops. (hard to explain but not the point of my story) He happened to go past a lady standing there with her daughter. He splashed her legs. The way she reacted was foul. She was looking at him like he was some kind of freak and looking around to get attention of the other ladies to give a look of “what the….?” I was staring so she caught my eye and I gave her a look of disgust. She stopped immediately. There was nothing abnormal about his behaviour in the pool and I know that if he was a young man without Down Syndrome she would have given hem a second look. Later when she saw Ariels face as we were getting out I could tell she was ashamed. I hate the fact that this is going to come up again with my daughter. She cant help the fact she has Down Syndrome.

Loving: New friends I have made, the blogging world and watching Ariel play with her toys.

ariel standing at play station

I hope you all had a great Feb. I am looking forward to a even better March in Ariel’s world.  🙂


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