Dear Ariel II
Ariel’s World is the journey of a girl who just happens to have Down syndrome & where her namesake scented products raise money for Down Syndrome charities
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Dear Ariel II

You are beautiful! You are an amazing gift. I love you so much!


Tomorrow you will be 6 months old. Over the last week you have really started to turn into a sweet little girl. You are smiling all the time and have even started to laugh. You love playing with your Daddy and this is when you laugh the loudest. It makes me laugh too. You certainly have taught me that happiness really is the most important thing in life. I vow to always do my best to ensure you are as happy as you have made me.

You are a mummy’s girl and I love that. We have a very strong connection. When you give me that knowing look I recognise your soul from a past life, another place and time.

You have only just started to go to other people without crying. You have been quite funny with your bottom lip when you are not happy. You would stick it out (very far) as soon as someone other than me looked and you or held you and then you would cry. It looked so very cute and made us laugh. You don’t do it now, you are now very curious and happy to go to others.

We are meeting our milestones and finally have your neck more stable and flexible. You are stronger and you love tummy time and rolling. Such a determined girl. So proud of you! We are now working on sitting. You were not keen at the start however with a bit of singing you are now happy to practice. Such a good girl. You are still sleeping through the night. I love how I put you to bed at 6.30 and we say our goodnight. You smile and go straight to sleep if you weren’t already. Such a blessing. Sometimes in the night I have to get up and move you back under the covers because you are up the other end of your cot (upside down). I don’t mind. I am happy you are rolling and moving. It shows you are getting stronger. You don’t want to sleep in your cot during the day though and we will need to work on that. I have also started sign language with you. I sign milk, eat and bath. I think you may be starting to recognise them. 🙂

You love food! Pumpkin and kale are your favorites.


You love rattles, your colourful giraffe (this toy even gets smiles) and story books. You especially love it when I sing to you. This stops you crying. You also love it when we whistle to you. You smile and giggle every time.


Thank you for being my precious daughter. Love always Mummy xx

  • Natalie
    Posted at 06:49h, 25 September Reply

    Raylene your log your posts are unreal, I love ur little girl for the light that she projects in her face her innocent eyes her smile I love it all.
    You are doing such a great thing with this blog…
    Would luv to catch up..

    Big kiss . N hug to u and ur little gem!!


    • Ralene Barton
      Posted at 11:17h, 25 September Reply

      Oh thank you Nat that means a lot to me. Yes we definitely need to catch up for a play date with our princess’s. Your little girl is adorable….
      Big hugs xxx

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