Baby Bumkins Baby wipes
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Baby Bumkins Baby wipes.

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The new Baby Bumkins baby wipes  won me over pretty much straight away due to the fact that each wipe comes out easily and one at a time. The one thing I really hate about other baby wipes I have used, is when you are in the middle of a messy disaster and need to get a wipe quickly, all the wipes are joined together and you can’t separate them, thus creating big chaos. Nothing worse for a busy mum with a wriggly baby!

I was lucky enough to be sent the following for review

1 x Baby Bumkins value pack (Contains 3 individual Fragrance Free baby wipes packs)  $RRP 9.99

1 x Baby Bumkins Fragrance Free 80’s Baby Wipes pack – $RRP 3.99

1 x Baby Bumkins Lightly Fragranced 80’s Baby Wipes – $RRP 3.99


About the products

With no added anything, and the purest of ingredients, they’re the perfect choice for Babies, Mums, Dads and Carers who may experience reactions to either the touch or smell of unsympathetic perfumes of any kind.  Delicately soft and mild, you’ll love their gentle feel as you cleanse and care for your newborn and young ones with even the most sensitive skin. You won’t find Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) in any of our products.

Your Larger, Thicker, and Softer Baby Bumkins Baby Wipes have been developed using the very best and most skin-sensitive ingredients, with a committed focus to giving YOU Premium Quality – at an affordable price.

When your baby’s having a wriggle at nappy changing time, your Baby Bumkins Wipes will come out fresh, one at a time, and allow you to ‘wipe that’ with ease.

Our soft and soothing wipes are also conveniently packaged, with a moisture-locking flip top lid to keep within arm’s reach. Your “woops – what a mess” moment will be fixed in a flash. They’re ultra-absorbent, naturally cleansing, and designed specifically to help you care for your baby with love.


Did they deliver?

In a word Yes. They were thick, strong and soft, although they were no thicker or stronger than any other wipe I have used. As I said earlier, they came out 1 at a time, something I noticed straight away and loved.  Affordability? Very affordable, I just did a quick look around at the price of wipes and these are not expensive at all.

I don’t normally use wipes with fragrance due to the possibility of irritating the skin. These ones I kept on the highchair for wiping face and hands. We have almost finished them and no sign of skin irritation. The fragrance is light to medium in my opinion but not offensive.


The wipes are currently being sold through IGA Supermarkets nationally. For more information check out their Facebook page here or website here

This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang and Baby Bumkins

  • Renae Sweeney
    Posted at 06:25h, 05 May Reply

    Thanks for reviewing these wipes. They sound fantastic, I like the idea that they come out one at a time, nothing worse than trying to pull a wipe out and a whole lot come out at once. They sound like they are very good quality and affordable and with the amount of wipes us mums go through, these sound like they hit the spot. I’ll definitely be buying them. Thanks again ArielsWorld.

    • Raylene Barton
      Posted at 07:03h, 05 May Reply

      I know right… I find myself using baby wipes for everything lol

  • Rachel Stewart
    Posted at 02:59h, 09 May Reply

    It’s funny how important wipes are. We had some friends over recently and they noticed our wipes were different to the ones they used and they asked how were they because they were thinking about a wipes brand change. It’s important though! They need to be the right amount of thickness, softness, wetness, absorbency.. considering they clean everything from bottoms, hands, faces, bathrooms, car interiors…..

    • Raylene Barton
      Posted at 08:39h, 09 May Reply

      Yes they sure need to be versatile! before I was a mum I remember reading somewhere “you know your a mum when you use baby wipes to clean everything…”

  • Christine @ Adventure, Baby!
    Posted at 10:59h, 09 May Reply

    What great wipes! It’s harder than you think to find good ones.

    • Raylene Barton
      Posted at 00:54h, 10 May Reply

      I am really happy with these!

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