April Musings
Ariel’s World is the journey of a girl who just happens to have Down syndrome & where her namesake scented products raise money for Down Syndrome charities
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April Musings

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This last month has been really quite stressful to be honest. Now that I am a single mum I have had to get a part time job and put Ariel into daycare. The first day she liked it and seemed to settle in straight away. The next time she was onto it and there were tears. Today was our 5th day and the same. She wraps her little arms around my neck so tight as soon as we arrive. Hopefully she doesn’t take too long to get used to it. It. With organizing a new place to live and filling out paper work for Centrelink, I have barely had time to do anything fun. Being on Centrelink benefits is humbling and it is not something I want to stay on, so I will be getting stuck into my business once I move into my new place. Mother’s day is coming up people and the Ariel candle will make a beautiful gift! hint hint

One thing I have started this month, which has been my saviour, is a gratitude journal. I have been meaning to do one for years and it now seems the perfect time. One of my dearest friends gave me the nudge and I am writing in it every night. Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal can improve your life in many ways and it is proving to be true. I look forward to doing it every night and will be doing it with Ariel as soon as she is old enough.

ariel grateful

Reading: I am reading blogs at the moment and still getting through the Oprah Winfrey book What I Know For Sure. I need to write more but that will happen once we are settled in our new place. Ariel is loving me reading to her. Her favorite books are Toddle Waddle and One Mole Digging A Hole by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt. The illistrations in these books are really fabulous. Ariel looks all around the pages with awe. My sister gave me these books because her kids absolutely loved them. I am going to buy more book’s from these authors.

Ariels favorite books

Milestones: Ariel is trying to copy everything I do at the moment. So cute. She can now climb up onto things. She is getting closer towards standing and walking and can move around assisted by her furniture. We are doing a lot of singing and animal sounds which she loves. She is trying to talk and almost saying teddy and duck… maybe 😉 She definitely understands a lot of words now and responds accordingly. When you ask where Teddy’s nose is she points to it. More teeth coming through and she is eating a larger range of foods. As her paediatrician said she is tracking well, just a little delayed. And if she wasn’t delayed we would have to question the diagnosis.


Eating: Nutios. Ariel loves these. They are great for her fine motor skills plus they are a good source of iron for her. I am also cooking a lot of yummy things from the minimalist baker.




Hating: Ariel crying when I leave her at day care. Even though once she has her sleep she has fun it does not make it any easier.


Loving: The hugs I get from Ariel lately especially when I pick her up form daycare. She is very attached right now and that is fine with me!


May looks like it is going to be another big month.  Ariel and I are moving and I am running the half marathon. Making lots of changes right now and looking forward to things settling down. Hope you all had a great month. Feel free to share any thoughts with me in the comments below.


  • tania
    Posted at 03:12h, 30 April Reply

    I just love your strength & courage. I adore your little girl & I am delighted that we will be spending time together.
    Keep your chin up honey. The universe never gives us more than we can handle ( apparently).

    • Raylene Barton
      Posted at 03:15h, 30 April Reply

      Thank you my darling and yes you know all about stress and strength! I am soon looking forward to working with you again!! xx

  • Christine @ Adventure, Baby!
    Posted at 11:25h, 02 May Reply

    Ahhh the crying at daycare. It’s awful!! Cheese has started crying when I drop her off at preschool now, which is so hard to walk away from. Chin up, mama, we can do it!

    • Raylene Barton
      Posted at 02:38h, 03 May Reply

      Yes we can, and the best part is the cuddles at pick up. so worth it 😉

  • Jessica
    Posted at 10:44h, 06 May Reply

    So much strength! You and Ariel will make the perfect little team and will give each other strength on this new journey. I am hoping the month of May brings you many special moments. x

    • Raylene Barton
      Posted at 10:48h, 06 May Reply

      Thank you Jessica. I am feeling positive and as long as we have the basics and lots of love then we are sure to be fine. x

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