The Mozart Effect
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The Mozart Effect.

Estimated reading time 3 and half mins.


I love classical music and played it a lot during my pregnancy. I could remember reading somewhere it was good for the baby. I even went as far as”relearning” to play the piano, in particular Fur Elise by Beethoven, so I could play it to my baby en utero. I had hopes for my little girl to also learn Piano like I did (and of course she will). Anyway I did read a little about the Mozart effect and how it was good for raising the IQ of babies or something along those lines so I filed that away in the back of my mind to revisit later after baby was born.

Last month at the step up for Down Syndrome walk we met a couple and they had a little girl about 1 year old. She was mesmerized by a baby stimulation video on their Ipad. I popped little Miss Ariel in front of it and she too was mesmerised so I saved the video on the you tube app for later. The following day during the witching hour I remembered this video and put in front of Ariel and it worked a treat. There she was in her highchair happily watching while I prepared dinner. Fabulous! Looking at simular videos I noticed one called the Mozart effect and played that. She loved it! Reminding me that it was good for IQ and Ariel having Down Syndrome and all I thought I would look a little further into this “Mozart Effect”


Points I learnt from doing my own research*

  • Listening to Mozart does not raise your IQ
  • Listening to Mozart may induce a short-term improvement on the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks
  • Listening to Mozart has been shown to decrease onset of seizures in patients with Epilepsy.
  • One study found that listening to Schubert was just as good, and so was hearing a passage read out aloud from a Stephen King novel. But only if you enjoyed it. So, perhaps enjoyment and engagement  are key, rather than the exact notes you hear.
  • There is a way in which music can make a difference to your IQ, though. Unfortunately it requires a bit more effort than putting on a CD. Learning to play a musical instrument can have a beneficial effect on your brain.

So it is what it is. A pleasant distraction for Ariel during the witching hour while I get her dinner ready. I am very invested in improving Ariels quality of life in a fun and safe way. I am prepared to try most things to make sure she is healthy, happy and reaching her milestones. I am also learning things myself along the way…

Here is Ariel and her new friend watching the baby stimulation video.

ariel and portia


*I understand doing my own research online does not make me an expert and that scientists spend years learning and researching at universities to understand their field. I also know that not everything on the net is a true story


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