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Single Parent Travel – Our first road trip.

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We just got back from our first road trip together and, apart from a few rookie mistakes, we did pretty darn well. We had a great time and learnt  a lot for future trips. I really enjoy travelling, from local road trips to overseas trips and I hope to expand this Single Parent Travel category with more blogs on our travels. 

If you happen to find yourself a single parent of a 2-year-old and want to do a road trip one long weekend here is my advice to you. Preparation is key, yes, the old saying is true. I failed to prepare for a few essentials and I won’t be making the same mistake again. Read on…

We left on Saturday and it was a little before her nap time. I did not bring enough for her to do. First mistake that I will not make again. An hour and a half of whinging is not fun. Portable DVD player or IPAD holder for the back of the seat will be ordered asap for next time. After she did have her nap we stopped for a picnic which was fun and the rest of the trip was pretty good.



First Stop Port Macquarie

I love Port Macquarie. We checked into the Mid Pacific Hotel which I booked on Expedia. It was a nice Motel and our room was $195 for the night. It had a microwave so I could heat up Ariels dinner (as she doesn’t like Pizza), air conditioning and a nice view.


Morning view from our Hotel Room in Port Macquarie


View from our balcony at Mid Pacific Hotel in Port Macquarie









The only problem was the wi-fi. It advertised free wi-fi and when I went to get our free wi-fi voucher it read free 100mb. I won’t be making that mistake again. We need a little more than that for YouTube kids. Other than that it was perfect. Right in the city centre so we went out for a walk in the pram before turning in for the night. In the morning we got up and went out for breakfast, for a walk and checked out. We had friends to visit before we were on our way.


Ariel dancing on the bed in her new tutu dress she got from her Nana in NZ.


Beautiful Sunrise in Port Macquarie



Next Stop Crescent Head

One of my best friends lives up near Crescent Head and she has not yet met my lovely Ariel. So we set off up there for the next night or 2. Because, lately Ariel has not been as friendly to strangers (and when I say “not friendly” I mean “scared and anxious”) we only stayed one night. In saying that though about an hour before we left she actually warmed up and spent some quality time with my friend. Crescent head is absolutely beautiful. My friends had the most amazing view and we went for a swim in the lovely river that meets the ocean. It was so clean and clear and perfect for little ones.


Ariel swimming


View of Crescent Head




Single parenting is hard and there were certainly some stressful times on the trip. Upon returning I have noticed a change in both of us. We are getting stronger and growing more independent. Ariel is talking more and now has about 10 words she uses in context. I’m very impressed. She was so happy to get home and practically dived on the cats. She giggled and got all of her toys out. She has been giving me lots of kisses and hugs. #happy

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