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Ariel’s World is the journey of a girl who just happens to have Down syndrome & where her namesake scented products raise money for Down Syndrome charities
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Out and About with Ariel – preparing the anxious toddler for shows.

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I haven’t written a blog for a while because I have been working 30-40 hours per week lately and being a single mum that means a lot of night work staying up making candles and lip balms. But i find myself with a few hours this Good Friday so I thought I would put my keyboard to use (between episodes of House of Cards on Netflix).

Lately Ariel has had some quite notable anxiety. I have been working with her key worker and my psychiatrist on this and monitoring her behaviour. Hopefully it is just a typical 2 year old phase. She seems to have developed a lot of fear in new and different situations. So, I have made an effort to get her out and about as much as possible to the pool, beach and park etc to try and alleviate this for her. She is getting better, but still very anxious. I also booked in some days off worked and purchased tickets to Tutu Proms at the Opera House and The Wiggles. She loves ballet and The Wiggles so I was very excited. As the events drew closer my anxiety levels began to rise so I discussed these with my “support group”. My psychiatrist said that she does need to be exposed to a certain amount of stress but too much is not going to be helpful so if she does not calm then it would be best to remove her from the environment. Her key worker from lifestart put together an excellent little story book with photos on laminated paper and bound together. It told the story of our day out. I read it too her every night for a week prior. 


Tutu Proms

Here is our “prep book” made by Liz, our key worker from LifeStart

tutu proms pg 1

Cover of our personalised Booklet

tutu proms pg 2

This was Ariels favourite page. She pointed out “Mumuma” and “Arara” and loved the picture of the Opera house

tutu proms pg 3

This is where Ariel lost interest and actually told me “nanana” or “nonono” (she is pretty switched on and stubborn :/)

tutu proms pg 4

Ariel is now trying to turn the page…..



tutu proms pg 5

To be honest I am not sure she understood the first two images but she knew the last one 😉

tutu proms pg 6

Again “non ono”                                        



So, when the day arrived and I told her where we were going and she said no, I prepared myself for the worst. She was not an easy bub that day and we ended up leaving after 15 minutes. She liked it at the beginning but as soon as the male dance came out she started crying and then the music got louder and there was no turning back.

As the show started she seemed as though she was going to enjoy it.


The Wiggles

The following Thursday was The Wiggles. Again she said she didn’t want to go. We met a friend and her little 2 year old there. She was waiting up the front so we had front row (this might have been a mistake for us in hindsight)


Once The Wiggles came on and the cheering started


So did the tears….


And we left after 20 minutes. I tried to persevere but she seem truely scared and it was very loud.

Oh well, I won’t give (of course). If anyone has any advice or tips, please, I am all ears.

Tomorrow I am taking Ariel away for a few days. Will be certain to blog about that too. Happy Easter to you xo


  • Tory
    Posted at 07:26h, 03 April Reply

    It sounds you are doing a great job helping her get out there. Great post!

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