A-Z of me.
Ariel’s World is the journey of a girl who just happens to have Down syndrome & where her namesake scented products raise money for Down Syndrome charities
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A-Z of me.

Estimated reading time 6 minutes.

I thought for my first blog of the year I would do an A-Z of me so you can get to know me a little better.

me and ariels foot

A is for Anxiety. I have suffered from mild anxiety for most of my life. Prior to getting a “handle on it” I would sometimes find myself  in a dark place. These days I am learning to avoid the triggers and I take care of myself.  Leading a wholesome life and focusing on the good things has definitely been a great help.

B is for Books. I love to read I need to make time to do it more.

C is for Cats. I love cats and have 2 of them living with us. They are ragdolls called Maxi and Samson.

maxi and samson

D is for Daisy. My favourite flower.

E is for Earthlings. This movie actually changed my life. It is a very powerful documentary and can be viewed online for free http://earthlings.com/?page_id=32 . E is also for Emapthy which is also relevant to this movie.

F is for Film Noir. One of my favourite movie genres.

G is for Goal orientated. I am very goal orientated and when I put my mind to something I can usually achieve it.  This year I want to run a half marathon, add a new product to the Ariel range and lose the last 5kgs of my baby weight.

H is for Humour. I have a twisted sense of humour and love to find others who share the same humour. We laugh and laugh and laugh….

I is for Impatient. One of my downfalls….

J is for Job Title. Mummy blogger. Business owner.

K is for Kindness. Every morning when I start my day I light an Ariel candle and promise to do my best and be kind to all I meet.

L is for Loner. I tend to be a bit of a loner and a homebody. I have stopped forcing myself to get out more and socialise. It causes anxiety.
I do what is right for me.  This is who I am and I am happy.

M is for Music. I don’t really know anyone that is not into music in some sort of way. Me, I am right into it. I learnt piano when I was young. My dad is a muso and I have dated a few of them in my time. I love classical music like Beethoven and I also love heavy music like Marilyn Manson. I love 90’s grunge, indie and rock. I am a huge fan of Tori Amos too. I love to sing and although I am not that great Ariel seems to love  it.

rock in grunge

N is for Nutrition. I was a personal trainer for 10 years and learnt a lot of things about food and nutrition. I actually really like healthy food and how it makes me feel.

O is for Orange. My favourite fruit.


P is for Plan. I love to have a plan. I have had friends remark on how quickly I work out a plan when the shit goes down. And when things don’t go to plan I make a new one.

Q is for Qualities. My top 3 qualities would be disciplined, empathetic and optimistic.

R is for Running. I really love running and am planning on doing the half marathon this year.

S is for Swimmer. Growing up I was right into competitive swimming. I have also taught swimming from time to time throughout my life. I love swimming in the ocean and have been taking Ariel to the pool since she was 7 months old. She loves it.

T is for Travel. I LOVE to travel and have been lucky to have done a lot of it. I don’t just like to go overseas and sit at the hotel pool. I love to explore. I have been snowboarding in several countries and deep sea diving in others. I plan to start travelling again in the future and show my girl the world.


U is for Ungaro Raw. One of my favourite cafes in Rozelle. Amazing raw cuisine

V is for Vegan. I have been vegan since 2013. When I became vegan I also quit smoking. I feel at peace being vegan.

W is for Warm Pyjamas. In the winter I love to put on warm jammies that have come straight out of the dryer.

X is for my generation. I am a typical Gen X with a risk taking entrepreneurial spirit and have changed careers several times.

Y is for Young at heart. I still feel like I am 25 most of the time and I am excited about my life and my future. Having Ariel has also been an influence.

Z is for Zen. Like to have a 10 min power nap/meditation session every day for a bit of Zen. I have an interest in some of the Buddhist philosophies.


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