100 HAPPY DAYS Plus Update on Ariel
Ariel’s World is the journey of a girl who just happens to have Down syndrome & where her namesake scented products raise money for Down Syndrome charities
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100 HAPPY DAYS Plus Update on Ariel

You have probably heard about the social media photo share 100 happy days. If not you can learn all about it here 100happydays I have decided to take part. I often dwell on silly negative crap and miss out on the good stuff that can happen in the day plus I love posting pics on instagram and I also want to look back after 100 days and see all the things that made me happy.
Day 1
Having my morning coffee in this cup makes me happy. As you know on 13 feb I gave birth to my daughter and she was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome. The following day was Valentines day and my friend Melanie prepared a beautiful hamper for me and my partner. She filled it with special goodies all with a little handwritten note attached. Each item was carefully picked out for each of us. She wrote on the little note who it was for and why it was chosen. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. The items were beautiful and she clearly knows us. I am grateful to have her in my life. 2 of these cups were included in the hamper – 1 each. I have my morning coffee in this cup and am often reminded what a great friend I have. We don’t spend enough time together but she is always in my heart. Thank you Mel you have given me many happy days xx
Ariel is doing so well. We have almost finished her first round of tests. When a little person has Downs Syndrome they also can get the following:
Congenital Heart disease
Thyroid problems
Vision problems
Gastrointestinal problems
Low immunity
Mental illness
We still have her vision test and coeliac tests to do but so far so good with the others. These tests will need to be done yearly some half-yearly for the first few years. We have started early intervention with Lifestart. We have a OT to visit her every fortnight for a while to help us reach her milestones. She will have development delays in sitting, crawling, walking and talking. She does have a thickened tongue (which she loves to poke out – so cute) so she will need speech therapy. She also needs so see a Physio for her torticollis and low muscle tone.
Ariel is such a good baby – I am so lucky. She sleeps through the night and has done from the day we got home. Not once has she woken us up….. She has started smiling and cooing. She stares at me and we share lots of loving moments. She can get quite feisty when she wants her way. She is just like any other baby for now.
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